Boot Personal Development - Addiction - Coaching and Mentoring Service to Inspire, Encourage and Support


Only those people who have first hand experience of the effects of alcohol addiction will truly understand what a living nightmare it really is. Sadly, it not only affects the person who is addicted to alcohol but all their friends and family too. It is also one of the fastest growing issues that we face as a society today.

My own personal experience of living with and successfully overcoming alcohol addiction is something I now share with others as I try to help people find happiness and peace without the need to drink alcohol.

In addition to helping with the addiction recovery process I also hold ‘prevention’ talks that educate people about alcohol and explore its effects, leading to discussion on how we as individuals and a society can use it responsibly.

A confidential advice service is available for those who have concerns about themselves or a loved one based around alcohol. For those in need of complete rest and detox I also have links with a private recovery clinic based in the UK who can assist as required.